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Static (FIXED) Voltage Frequency Converter
1KVA – 320KVA

Features & Advantages

Available in Single Phase and Three Phase

10% Output Voltage Adjustable

300% Transient over current capability

400Hz Input Frequency (Option)

400Hz Output Frequency (Option)

Board self-diagnostic indicators

Easy check and fast troubleshooting by means of
different color of LED indicators
Built-in dry contact / RS232 / RS485 / AS400 communication port
Electronic circuit, instant trip breaker, alarm for over voltage, over current, over temperature, output short circuit protection
Full Galvanic Isolated
No electric main disturbances; Voltage fluctuation and Low harmonic distortion
IGBT / PWM technology enhances compact size; Low noise, High reliability

LCD digital meter display panel

Pure Sine Wave output

Suitable for any type of load, like Resistive load (Bulb), Capacitive load (Switching Power Supplies), and Inductive load (Compressor, Motor driving equipment, Air conditioner, Laser printer and etc….)

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