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ZPH Online UPS 1KVA – 10KVA

Features & Advantages

High efficiency design to save Electricity

Microprocessor Control and High Reliability

Low heat dissipation in long time operation

Unity input power factor and wide range of input voltage

Double conversion Online UPS with Pure Sinewave

Overload capacity and output short circuit protection.

DC start function and automatic self-diagnostic function

Auto Self-testing System while Turning on the UPS

Communication Ports Selectable: RS-232, SNMP Card and Intelligent Slot for AS-400

External Battery terminal available for longer backup

LCD display panel
Two step Intelligent Charging System
Maintenance Bypass Switch and DSP Technology Application
Compact design and able to have parallel operation
Tower and Rack mountable

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Tel     : (65) 6397 5768 | 6397 5798